Tag: Boy Scouting

A Summer of Excitement

The end of the school year is my favorite time of year. It signals the beginning of our summer programs. And this year, in particular, I am so excited to see those camps filled with activity. We missed our Scouts last year. I missed our Scouts. The Scouting program is dependent on our volunteers … but those Scouts are the reason we all do what we do. Our mantra through 2020 was keep calm and Scout on. Now, is the time to escape the great indoors. Let’s Scout on, at camp!

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A Triple Salute: Eagle Scouts

It’s always inspiring when a young man perseveres and attains the rank of Eagle Scout. But when three young men reach this goal on the same date, and these three young men are bothers who just happen to be triplets, we’re bursting with pride! Hats off to Adam, Brian and Colton of Irving Troop 508, triplet brothers who each attained their Eagle Scout rank on April 17th this year.

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