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In this, there is no debate:

Scouting builds character and leadership unlike any other youth program.

Empirical evidence from studies conducted by the World Organization of the Scout movement demonstrates that Scouts report improved self-esteem, self-confidence and interpersonal skills. It also indicated positive changes in behavior and underscored how Scouting makes participants more responsible citizens. In addition, research revealed that Scouts outperform their non-Scout peers in nearly every category of personal development measured.

According to Sung Joon Jang, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology and co-principal investigator of Merit Beyond the Badge at Baylor University, young people in Scouting:

“… have built character traits related to work ethics, morality, tolerance and respect for diversity; such as always exceeding people’s expectations and doing what is right, working hard to get ahead, treating people of other religions with respect, strongly agreeing that most religions make a positive contribution to society, respecting the American Flag …”

Clearly, the Scouting program builds character and leadership, and Circle Ten Council is a leader in Scouting.

Circle Ten Council

Just as Scouts outperform their non-Scout peers, Circle Ten Council has proven to be a national leader in providing quality Scouting programs. Circle Ten Scouts receive a broad curriculum of activities and advancement opportunities, including over 130 merit badges to choose from and progression in various ranks that test skill, leadership, citizenship and character.

Scouting in the Circle Ten Council, covers 24 counties and serves over 34,000 young people annually. Scouting units are chartered to more than 700 community organizations, and nearly 8,000 adult volunteers dedicate their time, energy and resources to ensure Circle Ten Council’s programs are the standard for success.

Circle Ten Council believes its mission of preparing young people for the future by instilling the values of Scouting represents a distinct responsibility and opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. Now, a campaign for Generations will secure Circle Ten Council’s mission for the benefit of Scouts, their families, our communities, the nation and the world … for generations to come.

Camp: Where Character and Leadership Are Forged

Over a century of outcomes has proven that getting young people outdoors in a camp environment—where they can fully participate in the Scouting program—is the best method for building character and leadership.

For many young people visiting Circle Ten Council’s camps, it is one of their first opportunities—possibly the only one they will have—to experience character and leadership development. Without this intentional connection, they may never have the chance to learn vital new skills, gain self-confidence and be positively influenced by the values and traditions of the Scouting program.

Whether youth participate through traditional Scouting programs, STEM programs, school partnerships or ScoutReach, these outdoor experiences have the power and potential to instill character and leadership for a lifetime.


To reinforce the Scouting mission long term, Circle Ten Council is raising $15 million in program endowments for scholarships (registration, camp, camp staff-college, adult training and youth leader training) and ScoutReach, as well as endowments for camp repairs and maintenance. Support for the Circle Ten Council Boy Scout Foundation—managed by professional advisors—is a sound investment. It will fortify the Scouting program for future generations. When fully funded, the endowment will generate ongoing funding for capital, programs, and operating needs.

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For more information about the Circle Ten Council Generations Capital Campaign, contact:

Kevin Patterson, Campaign Manager

Sam Thompson, Scout executive/CEO