Why Scouting?


Everybody loves an adventure. Stories about people going into the unknown or facing impossible odds with only their wits and wisdom to overcome their obstacles has graced our culture through literature, cinema, even campfire stories all across the generations. As a Scout, you can make your own stories of high-adventure as you scale mountains, dive with sharks, camp in a frozen wilderness and raft through a mountain valley. It’s fun and exciting! But don’t be surprised if along the way you discover more about yourself than you ever thought was there. So, join the Scouts and go on an adventure of your own, with the BSA.


Life often requires a decision maker, someone with the sharpness of mind to understand any situation and take the right action. People will follow that person, whether it’s in a school classroom, a city sidewalk or an outdoor wilderness. Because with strong leadership comes trust. Making each Scout a leader is what the BSA is all about. But it doesn’t come easy. First a Scout must master the outdoors, gain confidence by defeating his fears whether they be on the zip cord or white-water rapids and take on character by exploring new friendships and making new discoveries. That, too, is what the BSA is all about. And guess what. We know how to make it fun.


In order to learn about the world, you have to go out in it. And the importance of learning all that you can about the planet we live on cannot be overlooked. From identifying the types of insects that dwell beneath our feet, to the kinds of trees that loom over our heads; from knowing how to spark a fire using nothing but tender and straw, to understanding how to survive in a frozen forest; even learning the fundamentals of robotics and engineering. Teaching these things, and so much more, is what the Boy Scouts of America will do for your child. Plus, they give commendations, badges of merit and Scout ranks to those that pursue new knowledge in our growing world.


Central to what the BSA does is service—service to our families, our community and our nation. It’s a tradition rooted in time and character, and you’ll be surprised at how fun it can be and how good it will make you feel. Performing acts of service allows you to get with friends and work together to beautify city places, volunteer at retirement homes, even build houses for those in need. As your hands get dirty, your heart will get clean. It’s as simple as that. And everything you touch will stamp your mark for the future to see. That’s what Scouting is all about, so come see how you can start serving your community… as a Scout.

Healthy Living

The BSA teaches Scouts that getting fit and being healthy can be achieved through a number of fun-filled ways, most of which deal with the outdoors. Hiking, camping, climbing and swimming are a few. It’s a well-known fact that a healthy body reflects a healthy mind, so staying fit has become central to a Scout’s life. And why not? The alternative is simply… unhealthy. But what it comes down to is really a matter of choice in how you spend your time.