Scouts BSA

Youth, Grades 6-12, 11-17 years old

The Scouts BSA program teaches youth to respect everything in nature. Through the safety courses, repelling, SCUBA and so many other programs you will discover the world in ways you have yet to fully imagine.

Through these adventures, the lessons a Scout ultimately learns is respect for all things—their families and neighbors, their chosen profession and their country. But also themselves. With Scouts BSA you will develop values that will last you a lifetime and ideals that will protect your integrity forever.

There are more than 150 awards you can earn as a member of Scouts BSA. Whether it’s a rank advancement, merit badge or one of the many other individual awards, there’s plenty for you to set your sights on.

But don’t let the number scare you away. With exposure to a uniquely hands-on learning experience and the opportunity to earn merit badges reflecting each Scout’s budding interests, youth unlock a world of discovery around them and forge a path for the future. 

And you can be one of the 6% of Scouts BSA-age youth to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Those who have earned it, count it among their most treasured achievements.