A Summer of Excitement

A lot has been going on in the Circle Ten Council over the last few weeks, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

This is our second year of our intern program. We have 22 interns (current college students/recent college graduates) spending 9 weeks with us. During this time, they are exposed to how the council operates administratively (working with district executives) and delivering the Scouting program (serving on camp staff).

We held our inaugural Circle Ten Council Leadership Corps training last week. In true Wood Badge style, our interns and camp staff (area directors and above) spent 4 days at Camp James Ray learning more about becoming a leader, hearing from amazing guest instructors, participating in patrol activities and preparing for a summer of customer service at our camps.

And this week is our Summer Camp Staff Week. Our camp staff, including those interns, are out at camp focusing on their camp-specific job assignments, reviewing camp procedures and guidelines and getting our three tremendous resident camps ready for our Scouts to arrive next week!

The end of the school year is my favorite time of year. It signals the beginning of our summer programs. And this year, in particular, I am so excited to see those camps filled with activity. We missed our Scouts last year. I missed our Scouts. The Scouting program is dependent on our volunteers … but those Scouts are the reason we all do what we do. Our mantra through 2020 was keep calm and Scout on. Now, is the time to escape the great indoors. Let’s Scout on, at camp!

If you aren’t signed up to attend one of our summer camps, it’s not too late. And we have options for single Scouts to participate separate from their unit.

Scouting works. Scouting matters. Scouting lasts … a lifetime!