Career exploration program for youth ages 10-20

The program provides students with an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of career fields and network with professionals already working in those fields. You get hands-on experience to determine whether or not a particular career field is right for you. You develop valuable networking contacts with professionals working in your selected career fields and you get to know other youth with your same interests and aspirations.

Exploring is the first step in identifying career possibilities while having fun in an exciting and informal environment.


  • Strong personal values and character development
  • Build self-worth and self-confidence
  • Leadership skills training and development
  • Social development
  • Unique career experiences, networking and internships
  • Personal growth
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Group collaboration and teamwork
  • Scholarships available only to Explorers
  • Add Exploring to your college, job and scholarship applications!

Most Exploring programs align with the school calendar and begin in the fall, while some also offer summer activities, annual conferences, internships and other events. Most meet once or twice a month throughout the year.


Dallas County Explorer Posts


Post 125 – Carrollton Police Dept.
Contact: Sgt. Joe Nault, joseph.nault@cityofcarrollton.com

Post 145 – Mesquite Police Dept.
Contact: Officer Torrey Rhone, trhone@mesquitepolice.org

Post 252 – Irving Police Dept.
Contact: Officer Greg Spivey, gspivey@cityofirving.org

Post 605 – Coppell Police Dept.
Contact: Officer RJ Harr, rharr@coppelltx.gov

Post 676 – Farmers Branch Police Dept.
Contact: Sgt. Julie Chandler, chandlerj@farmersbranchtx.gov

Post 761 – Richardson Police Dept.
Contact: Officer Ben Masters, benjamin.masters@cor.gov

Post 848 – Dallas Police Dept. (Southwest)
Contact: Officer Nathan Martinez, nathan.martinez@dallascityhall.com

Post 3194 – Dallas Police Dept. (Northwest)
Contact: Officer Nathan Martinez, nathan.martinez@dallascityhall.com

Post 3305 – Dallas Police Dept. (Northeast)
Contact: Officer Nathan Martinez, nathan.martinez@dallascityhall.com

Post 4264 – Dallas Police Dept. (Southeast)
Contact: Officer Nathan Martinez, nathan.martinez@dallascityhall.com

Post 5580 – Dallas Police Dept. (North Central)
Contact: Officer Nathan Martinez, nathan.martinez@dallascityhall.com

Post 6613 – Dallas Police Dept. (South Central)
Contact: Officer Nathan Martinez, nathan.martinez@dallascityhall.com

Post 7980 – Dallas Police Dept. (Central)
Contact: Officer Rachel Rice, rachel.rice@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us

Post 1601 – Eastfield College Police Dept.
Contact: Officer Erick Gauna, egauna@dcccd.edu

Post 1280 – Richland College Police Dept
Contact: Officer Tony Bardales, sbardales@dcccd.edu

Post 2015 – Singley Academy Homeland Security
Contact: Barry Hinkle, bhinkle@irvingisd.net

Post 720 – Singley Academy Law Enforcement
Contact: Sheena Lewis, sheelewis@irvingisd.net


Post 1919 – UT Southwestern Medical Center
Contact: Lynn Tam, Lynn.Tam@utsouthwestern.edu

Contact: Alex Abellera, Rosendo.abellera@acadian.com



Post 1 – Rowlett CERT/Fire/EMS
Contact: Scott Hart, scotthart2@gmail.com

Post 1941 – Cedar Hill Fire Department
Contact: Jason Patrick, Jason.patrick@cedarhilltx.com

Post 3404 – Singley Academy Fire
Contact: Jay Hinkle, jhinkle@irvingisd.net


Post 3401 – Architecture Demarest
Contact: Michael Lerner, mlerner@architecturedemarest.com

Post 3232 – Faulkner Design Group @ Macarthur High School
Contact: Alison Nash, anash@faulknerdesign.com

Post 9090 – Friends of Irving Aviation @ Irving High School
Contact: Craig Heckel, checkel@irvingisd.net

Post 1519 – Kimball High School JROTC
Contact: Major Johnny Manson, jmanson@dallasisd.org

Post 937 – YMAA Aviation
Contact: David McSwain, dmcltc1@gmail.com



Club 1881 – Dallas Junior Police Explorers
Contact: Officer Rachel Rice, rachel.rice@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us

Club 4701 – Rowlett CERT Club
Contact: Whitney Laning, laningwp@gmail.com

Club 1920 – UT Southwestern Medical Center
Contact: Kristie Conner, Kristie.conner@utsouthwestern.edu

Post 1901 – Little Elm Police Dept Club
Contact: Officer Clif Holliefield, rholliefield@littleelm.org




Collin, Rockwall, Grayson, and Hunt Counties

Post 1900 – Little Elm Police Department
Contact: Clifton Holliefield, rholliefield@littleelm.org

Post 2200 – McKinney Police Department
Contact: Lt. Randall Meyer, rmeyer@mckinneytexas.org

Post 8200 – Anna Police Department
Contact: Sgt. Josh Devore, jdevore@annatexas.gov

Post 30 – Wylie Fire Department
Contact: Captain Ray Jackson, ray.jackson@wylietexas.gov

Post 1854 – Rockwall  Police Department
Contact: Steven Brassil, sbrassil@rockwall.com

Post 215 – Plano Fire Department
Contact: Lt. John Barrett, johnb@plano.gov

Post 911 – Plano Police Department
Contact: Officer Spenser Kerr, spenserk@plano.gov

Post 2005 – Murphy Police Department
Contact: Officer Kyle Sarles, ksarles@murphytx.org

Post 5469 – Gunter Volunteer Fire & Rescue
Contact: Donna Harvey, scoutleader4christ@gmail.com

Post 3333 – Tom Bean Volunteer Fire Department
Contact: Aaron Marshall, c2710m@gmail.com

Post 6103 – Commerce Police Department
Contact: Officer Amanda Escobedo, aescobedo@commercepolice.net

Post 1511 – Allen High School Law Enforcement
Contact: Tiffany Nickles, tiffany.nickles@allenisd.org

Post 173 – Frisco Police Dept.
Contact: Officer Radd Rotello, rrotello@friscotexas.gov

Post 356 – Quinlan ISD Police Dept
Contact: Officer Frances Fout, frances.fout@quinlanisd.net

Post 1903 – Rockwall Fire Dept
Contact: Sam Stephenson, mstephenson@rockwall.com

Post 1971 – Rowlett Police Dept
Contact: Sgt. Kevin Harrelson, kharrelson@rowlett.com

Ellis, Chandler, and Navarro Counties

Post 1132 – Red Oak Police Department
Contact: Jim Langham, jlangham@redoaktx.org

Post 106 – Ellis County Sheriff’s Office
Contact: Hunter Barnes, hunter.barnes@co.ellis.tx.us


Denton County

Post 1190 – Denton County Freshwater Supply District Police Dept.
Contact: Eric Olson, eric.olson@dcfwsd10.org


Your Exploring Team:

Sr. Exploring Executive
Kelly Puckett, Kelly.puckett@scouting.org, 214-902-6746

Exploring Executive
Sharon Rhone, sharon.rhone@scouting.org, 214-902-6700

Exploring Field Director
Ty Washington, Lawrence.Washington@scouting.org, 214-902-6700


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