Great things are on the horizon!

The life lessons learned in Scouting form a foundation to embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles in life.

  • A fun and safe environment to learn and grow while developing interests and skills
  • Character building and development centered around good morals and values
  • The change to learn life skills that help Scouts be successful adults and contributing members of society
  • Exciting outdoor experiences boys and girls love like hiking, camping, mountain biking, and more.

Learn more about Scouting for elementary youth in Allen.

Click on the Pack number to learn more about, or to register in, that pack. Or email their Pack leader.

Pack 131

St. Jude Catholic Church
Thomas Baril

Pack 306

Boyd, Reed, Bolin, Story, Vaughn, Chandler
Darly Powers

Pack 358

Hart, Puster
Will Koonce

Pack 639

Marion, Anderson
Bill Pritchett

Pack 780

Boon, Green, Norton
Mark Wolf

Pack 825

Lindsey, Cheatham, Preston
David Forbess

Pack 870

Kerr, Evans
Jim Cates

Pack 1110

Radha Kirshna Temple

Pack 1630

Brenda Fee


Learn more about Scouting for middle school and high school youth in Allen.

Click on the Troop number to learn more about, or to register in, that Troop. Or email their Troop leader.

Troop 79

Meets at Christ the Servant Lutheran
Gerald Garlington

Troop 131

Meets at St. Judes Catholic Church
Thomas Patton

Troop 224

Meets at Greenville Oaks Chrch
Jason Thompson

Troop 358

Meets at Creekwood UMC
Richard Vondracek

Troop 624 (for girls)

Meets at Allen Heights Baptist Church
Audrey Reed

Troop 624 (for boys)

Meets at Allen Heights Baptist Church
Brian Mills

Troop 1079 (for girls)

Meets at Christ the Servant lutheran
Tresa Lemke

Troop 1110

Meets at Radha Krishna Temple
Basith Syed

Troop 1299

Meets at Suncreek UMC
Nicholas Sasso

Troop 1914

Meets at Our Lady of Angels Catholic
Craig Coffey

Crew 624 (co-ed)

JoAnn Hollingsworth

Scoop from Sam

Scouting Lasts! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Lifelong Learning

Success in life often comes down to making the best of any situation. Scouting hands youth situations and shows them how to make the best of them. It shows them how to build their own shelter in a hailstorm so they will know how to weather any storm life throws at them. Scouts learn how to navigate the woods without getting lost so that they can navigate life without losing the principles and values instilled in them. Scouting helps youth realize what they’re truly capable of doing in a fun and responsible way.

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Scouting in Action

Everyone Deserves Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America has helped lay the foundation for the future for more than 160 million alumni and members, both male and female. Generations of young people have been shaped by our time-tested program that teaches values, builds character, and exposes our most impressionable beings to skills they wouldn’t otherwise acquire.

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Scouting in Action

The Outdoor Classroom

In Scouting, preparedness is more than just a motto. “Prepared. For Life.” provides a succinct way to illustrate what Scouting is all about and to explain our role in helping young people on their journey to adulthood.

When we talk about “Prepared. For Life. ™” in Scouting, it is literally what we teach. We prepare them for adventure by promoting youth to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle, and to enjoy the great outdoors in a responsible way. We prepare them for leadership by giving young people the skills to take ownership of new tasks and lead by example.

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Scoop from Sam

Scouting Works! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Mentoring

“A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.” Mahatma Gandhi

Since the inception of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, one of their main objectives has been to provide strong role models for youth during their formative years. What our youth need are caring adults who are strong role models. We know that mentoring is an important component of Scouting and recent scientific research proves that Scouting builds character. Dr. Richard M. Lerner, a psychologist and youth expert at Tufts University and his team measured the character attributes of nearly 1,800 Cub Scouts and nearly 400 non-Scouts.

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Scouting in Action

Preparing Youth for the Future

Scouting is a vehicle that carries youth on a developmental journey that unlocks their full potential and leaves an indelible impression that lasts a lifetime. Scouts are taught self-confidence that allows them to react heroically in tragedy, the importance of serving others and meeting needs when they arise, and what it means to give back.

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Scoop from Sam

Scouting Matters! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Helping Others

Community service is perhaps one of the best benchmarks we can use to judge how our cities and towns are truly performing. When care for those who need it the most is lacking in our country, it speaks volumes about the direction of our society. It is what we do that determines who we are, and who we are is defined by the character we instill in our children and future generations to follow.

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