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Scouting Works! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Mentoring

“A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.” Mahatma Gandhi

Since the inception of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, one of their main objectives has been to provide strong role models for youth during their formative years. What our youth need are caring adults who are strong role models. We know that mentoring is an important component of Scouting and recent scientific research proves that Scouting builds character. Dr. Richard M. Lerner, a psychologist and youth expert at Tufts University and his team measured the character attributes of nearly 1,800 Cub Scouts and nearly 400 non-Scouts.

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Preparing Youth for the Future

Scouting is a vehicle that carries youth on a developmental journey that unlocks their full potential and leaves an indelible impression that lasts a lifetime. Scouts are taught self-confidence that allows them to react heroically in tragedy, the importance of serving others and meeting needs when they arise, and what it means to give back.

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Scouting Matters! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Helping Others

Community service is perhaps one of the best benchmarks we can use to judge how our cities and towns are truly performing. When care for those who need it the most is lacking in our country, it speaks volumes about the direction of our society. It is what we do that determines who we are, and who we are is defined by the character we instill in our children and future generations to follow.

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Scouts Leave No Trace

From a Cub Scout’s first hike in a local park to the thrill of our High Adventure bases, from our backyard to the backcountry, our outdoor ethics guide us to be responsible outdoor citizens — protecting our natural world for generations to come and being considerate of other visitors. Scouting has a long, proud tradition of conservation service to the nation

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Become an Upstander: Creating a Bullying-Free Culture in Youth Activities

Adults may feel uncertain about how to handle bullying when we see or hear it happening. Learn how to become an upstander: creating a bullying-free culture in youth activities.

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The Four Points of SAFE Scouting

The safety of the Scouts in our programs is of utmost importance to me. Scouts and their parents expect all Boy Scouts of America activities to be conducted safely. To ensure the safety of participants, the BSA created the four points of SAFE Scouting for unit leaders to use when delivering the Scouting program.

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Kids Call the Shots at the Boy Scouts of America’s Virtual Family Fun Fest on August 8th

The Boy Scouts of America is inviting kids to build their own adventure during the interactive Family Fun Fest

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Songs, Skits and So Much S’more! The Boy Scouts of America Invites Families to Join National Camp-In

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) invites families with children of all ages to join in on a day of adventure during a National Camp-In on May 2. From camp-style cooking to campfire singalongs, this virtual event will bring the best parts of Scouting to life through a variety of activities for all to enjoy from their living room or backyard – even for families whose children are not currently in Scouting.

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