Equestrian Offerings at Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp

Come and experience everything that a real working horse ranch has to offer! We offer merit badge course work in both Horsemanship and Animal Science Merit Badges. Can’t fit that into your schedule with all of the other things there is to do? Then you can purchase a ticket for any of our daily trail rides and get a taste of camp from the saddle! 

Have you ever dreamed of owning and caring for your own horse?  Bonding and loving on your very own equine friend. Learning to care for and ride him into the sunset. Now you can at the Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp in Athens, TX! 

In addition to that, you will fulfill requirements for Horsemanship, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Merit Badges!

This program is for maverick campers as well as those attending with their troop that want to have an immersive horse experience.  Space is limited so sign up through Black Pug today!